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The collection of the Museum of Paleontology & Geology includes fossils of animals and plants from all over Greece, thus covering more than 300 million years of the geological history of our country. The collection is very rich, with samples recovered since the late 19th century, and it is distinguished for the excellent preservation and uniqueness of its exhibits. It also includes samples from abroad, micropaleontological and stratigraphic collections, and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. The collections are constantly being enriched with exhibits coming from research projects, paleontological excavations, and donations. At the premises of the museum’s exhibition, one may admire some of the most important fossils discovered in Greece such as the world known fauna of Pikermi, with the primitive hipparions and the machairodonts that lived about 7 million years ago, skeletal reconstructions of endemic mammals, as well as fossils that have played an important role in the evolution of life on the Earth, in an attempt to travel back in time with fossils as our guide. The museum is open to the public in order to circulate knowledge and inform people about topics that concern the promotion and protection of our paleontological heritage. In addition, it organizes and realizes periodical exhibitions and events. It is open daily to schools and organizes educational programs for pupils/students as well as guided tours by its scientific staff. The museum is the oldest and richest in exhibits. Moreover, it hosts the Greek Center for Paleontological Research. Its collections are visited every year by many foreign researchers, postgraduate students, and PhD students and several research projects have been realized at its labs.


Director:Prof. E. Koskeridou, e-mail: ekosker@geol.uoa.grTel: +30 2107274165, Fax: +30  2107274296.

Address: Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, University Campus- Zografou, Athens GR 157 84

For visiting, please call: +30 2107274086