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The University Hospitals and Clinical Departments offer specialized health services to the public and they also contribute significantly to medical education and clinical research.

The NKUA has 3 University Hospitals: “ARETAIEIO“ and “AIGINITEIO”, are self-governed Institutions, bequested to the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. They are administered by independent Executive Boards according to their bylaws and are supervised by the Rector and the Senate of the NKUA.  The hospital “EYGENIDIO” was founded in 1975 by A. Eugenides. Currently several Medical School clinical departments operate at its premises.   

Clinical Departments play a key role in medical education and clinical research. From the 72 University clinical departments, the ones belonging to the School of Medicine and the Department of Nursing operate in major hospitals of Athens, like Attikon, Evangelismos, Hippokrateion, Laikon, while the clinics of the Department of Dentistry operate in the Department's premises. 

It should be also noted that the 40% of the medical requirements of the Public Health System (NSS) in the Attica basin (about 5,000,000 residents) is covered by the NKUA University Clinics.