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The Historical Archive (year of establishment: 1991) has collected and classified the archival holdings of the University.

This material constitutes a broad research infrastructure for the study of the history of the University of Athens, but also of Greek and European history in general.


The collections of the Archive (around 1,600,000 pages) consist of: a) the archives kept by the secretariats of the Faculties and the archives kept by administrative centres (Senate, Protocol, Public Relations, Archive of the Directorate of the Faculties), b) Personal Archives of the professors of the University of Athens, c) Photographic, audio and cinematographic material from cultural events organized by the University, d) Collection of portraits of University professors. (Moreover it contains archives from institutions founded by the university (hospitals, church etc.) 

Finally, the Historical Archive aims to gather every record and testimony of the student movement and its activities, as well as the activities of the Teachers' Union. The Historical Archive has focused on the digitization and electronic management of its massive archival material (nearly 500,000 items), aiming to preserve information from the old paper archives, in order to provide historical research with the advantages of technology, regarding classification of documents, accessing and processing information.


President: Associate Professor Vangelis Karamanolakis, Τel:. 210 3689527, e-mail:karamanolaki[at]arch.uoa[dot]gr

Address: 45, Skoufa St., 10672 Athens