Postgraduate programs summary table

Postgraduate Programs by School

In accordance with existing laws, higher education institutions (i.e. universities and technological education institutes) are responsible for the planning and organization of postgraduate studies in Greece and for granting Master’s Degrees. Universities have additional powers to grant PhD Degrees.

Postgraduate Programmes

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens offers a wide range of postgraduate studies programmes (departmental, interdepartmental, inter-institutional and interstate ones), covering a variety of scientific fields, thus enabling graduates, as well as graduates of other academic institutions, to promote science and to claim their place in the labour market.

Aiming at extroversion and the broadening of its prospective target groups, the University of Athens has also proceeded to the organization and operation of postgraduate programmes in languages other than the Greek language.

Postgraduate programmes are either funded through the current budget or offered on a tuition-fee basis. In order to ensure the proper operation and sustainability of its postgraduate programmes, UoA is also seeking alternative sources of funding, such as donations, grants, research programmes, etc. Furthermore, it promotes the implementation of a scholarship system based on economic and social criteria, as well as on students’ performance.

PhD Theses

The various Departments of the University of Athens encourage innovation and research and offer graduates the possibility of preparing a doctoral thesis. PhD candidates submit their applications to the Secretariat of the respective Department, by broadly defining their research topic.

The University of Athens has concluded Bilateral Memorandums of Understanding with peer institutions abroad for co-supervising doctoral theses; within the framework of such a Memorandum –regardless of which Department has initiated it– our University Departments may conclude individual agreements for doctoral candidates.

Postdoctoral Research

The University of Athens fosters cooperation with scientists conducting postdoctoral research in areas falling within its various Departments’ research fields. From the University’s part, cooperation mainly refers to providing postdoctoral research supervision or counseling support by one or more members of the host Department’s Research and Teaching Staff, providing access to scientific material or equipment, or assigning specific research projects whether on a remuneration-appointment basis or not.