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Museum of Pharmacology:  Foundation, Aims, Support and perspectives

 The Museum of Pharmacology belongs to the Medical school of National and Κapodstrian University of Athens. It was founded by the Department of Experimental Pharmacology, Medical school of Athens. on 8th September 2003.


The Museum of Pharmacology is a non-profit institution serving the society and aiming: a) To support the academic and pre- and postgraduate training of medical school of Athens, b) To upgrade scientific research and c) To enhance the diffusion of academically developing knowledge in both university and society.

In order to fulfill its aims, the Museum:

a) Organizes educational and scientific exhibition of research apparatus and minor equipments, biochemical, books and of any other relative to the pharmacological research materials (Collect from Greece or abroad) :This material is subsequently exposed in exhibitory showcases or kept in special stores, b) Exhibits items owned by other collections, on temporary or permanent lending, c)co-operates with relative domestic or foreign institutions, d) Promotes activities aiming in maintenance and repairing of its material in appropriate laboratories, e) Sustains educational purposes of the Medical and other schools or Departments of relevant interests, f)C onducts scientific research in accordance to the national and E.U legislation, G)Allows the guided visiting of its exhibits, upon approval of its Administration and h) Organizes lectures, exhibitions, and other educational and scientific, local or regional activities, in order to enhance the diffusion of knowledge arising by Museum’s exhibits and to point out the Science of Medical Pharmacology. 


The Museum is funded by the University of Athens and by other occurring sources. Donations and sponsorships are welcome. Its earnings (no matter the source), are deposited to the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Special Account for research Grants (NKUA\SARG), from which they are then absorbed for the Museum’s purposes. Due to its beneficial to the public character, the Museum is exempted by any state tax. Moreover, the items are kept in it are also exempted by any restricting or tax arrangement regarding items of historical, archeological or artistic importance own by private. The Museum’s administration co-operates (for fulfillment of its aims) with the ‘’Museum of Pharmacology Friends Society”, which exists as an independent society and functions according to its own constitution.



The Museum of Pharmacology is a challenging effort to: a) Encourage postgraduate research and learning on relative topics, b) Provide knowledge and innovative ideas on how laboratory technology develops or becomes useless, c) Inform younger students on pharmacological research topics and experimental philosophy, d) Provide through the net wide variety of information concerning its belongings (by simultaneously functioning as a virtual museum) and e)P articipate in a future effort of uniting all the existing museums in the Medical School of Athens, into an entity (Museum of basic Medical Sciences).



Responsible: Charis Liapi, MD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Address: Department of Pharmacology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 75, M. Asias, Goudi, 11527 Athens, Greece.

Tel:   +30 210 7462504 

Mob: +30 6974 377600