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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the oldest institution of higher education of Greece, is distinguished for its deep connection with the fundamental and intense social and economic changes as well as the changes of the natural environment that are taking place nowadays.

Τhe University owns to set the following guidelines for the fulfilment of its mission:

a) To show adaptability, perspicacity and visionary action in order to form its physiognomy in a way harmonized with the new conditions, so as to maintain and improve its historical role in higher education, but also remain an important institution of the State.

b) To attract and utilize genuine and different kinds of talents as well as young, renowned and talented human resources, balanced throughout the scope of the University mission and to seek resources to support the skills and efforts of teaching staff and students, so that to provide an environment that facilitates the success of all.

c) To apply innovative approaches to teaching, learning and research.

d) To create conditions of excellence in all areas of the University activities.

e) To develop the idea of community and institutional responsibility.

For all these, NKUA has drawn up the Strategic Development Plan 2019-2028 (Government Gazette 1726, vol. B', 6/5/2020) with the aim of being an inspiration and guide for the future, at a time when international competition is exerting significant pressure, the map of  higher education and research is radically reorganized in the country, which has to emerge from a long, multidimensional and deep crisis, society's expectations are high, technology is rapidly changing and the global environment is reviewing almost all aspects of higher education.

Strategic Development Plan 2019-2028