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The Athens University History Museum is located in one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Athens today. The building dates long before the 18th century and it is situated beneath the imposing heights of the Acropolis with a panoramic view of the old city centre.

Figure 1: The building

The historical building was the home of the architect Stamatios Kleanthis and is also known as the “Old University”, since it housed (1837-1841) the first University of the independent Greek state. For about a century, Athens University was the only institution for higher education in Greece. This is the reason why, besides the history of the University, the Athens University History Museum also illustrates the history of the newly founded Greek State. The Museum was inaugurated in 1987, in the context of the celebration for the 150th Anniversary of the University of Athens.


Figure 2: Part of the Museum’s first gallery

Its collections consist of old and rare book editions, manuscripts, diplomas, scientific instruments, portraits, photographs, medals, seals and other University memorabilia. The Museum organizes daily guided tours for school children, students and groups in Greek, English and French. It also offers learning programmes for school of all levels and for families during weekends. The Museum has been a very active scientific and cultural centre for more than twenty years. Through the year, it hosts lectures, conferences, seminars, temporary exhibitions, performances, film screenings, etc., while from May till October, it hosts a plethora of activities for the general public at its courtyards.


Figure 3: "Socrates Now" performance with Yannis Simonides in the Museum's courtyard

For further information concerning the educational programs and guided tours please call: +30 210 3689502-6.


Administrator: Evangelos Papoulias, tel.: +30 210 3689510

Address: Tholou 5, Plaka, 10556 Athens

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09.30 -15.00. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, except the first Sunday of each month when the museum is open to the public from 11.00 until 16.00, and Public Holidays.

Tel: +30 210 3689502-6

Fax: +30 210 3689501

e-mail: museum[at]uoa[dot]gr