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The Museum of Archaeology and History of Art was established nearly 80 years ago. Today its eleven Educational Collections comprise more than 8.800 objects, either originals or copies, which are housed in the building of the School of Philosophy. In 2004 an open-air Archaeological Park was inaugurated, including finds that came to light following excavations at Syntagma Square, during the construction of the Athens Metropolitan Railway. In 2010 a fully-equipped Conservation Laboratory was established within the Museum.

The Educational Collections of the Museum display remarkable sets of objects which reflect not only the research interests of professors of Archaeology at the University of Athens, but also the history and significance of the oldest academic institution in our country.  The presence of similar collections facilitates the theoretical and practical training of students, as these allow close observation of the objects themselves besides offering the opportunity to address issues such as conservation, documentation and interpretation, management and exhibition of archaeological objects and contemporary works of art. Courses, interactive workshops and tutorials repeatedly take place in the Museum. Furthermore, the Museum always seeks to expand its circle of visitors. For this purpose it organises various educational programmes designed for school pupils as well as lectures for a wider public, and regularly participates in international cultural heritage celebrations and anniversaries (e.g. European Heritage Days, the International Museum Day, European University Days).


Address: School of Philosophy,  2nd & 3rd floor, University Campus, 157 84 Athens

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