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Official Language

The official language of the University of Athens is Greek, which is the official language of the country, as well as one of the 23 languages of the European Union.

Undergraduate Programs

The instruction and the examinations in all courses of the Undergraduate Programs  are realized in Greek, while the writing books, the educational material, and the primary texts, which are distributed to the students, are in Greek. Exception to the above are the departments of foreign languages and literature, in which the writing books, the educational material and the primary texts are usually written in the language which each department serves. The language that constitutes the teaching object for each one of the “foreign language” departments is also the means of access and of evaluation of the obtained knowledge.  The bibliography suggested to the students of the aforementioned and of the rest of the University departments are in Greek as well as in other languages. The students who enter the University as foreigners may attend courses in the Greek language for free, in order to obtain the language competence their studies at the University require.  This possibility is offered to the students who are currently studying in Athens for one or two semesters through the Erasmus+ Program.

Postgraduate Programs

The language in which access to knowledge is achieved and the work language of the Postgraduate Programs that leads to obtaining a post graduate specialty degree or to acquiring a doctoral degree (D.D) is Greek, except if the internal regulation of the Postgraduate Program makes provision for the use of (an)other language(s)  - as it usually happens in the “foreign languages” departments. The writing up of the doctoral dissertation for the Postgraduate Program or the dissertation for the doctoral degree may be realized in Greek or in another language, according to the internal regulations of the Program. The bibliography that is suggested and is currently used in the Postgraduate is in Greek and in other languages and for this reason, the knowledge of foreign languages by the prospective incoming students of the Postgraduate Program of the University of Athens is either obligatory or optional but desired.