Joint Statement
by the Hellenic Society of International Law & International Relations
and the Hellenic Branch of the International Law Association

Most among our generations had hoped that we would never again encounter an aggressive war in Europe.

It was and still is the triumphant result of international law, the system of rules and principles that we serve, teach to our students, experience as scholars and citizens.

We now witness a blatant, brutal attack to our rules-based world. The Russian Federation is in breach of the most fundamental rules of international law: the prohibition of the use of force and the respect for the territorial integrity and political independence of another State.

We stand in solidarity to the Ukrainian citizens against this attack that attempts to negate their identity along with their independence, sovereignty, and existing borders.

International law is what we, the peoples of the United Nations, decide it to be, what we take care to apply. Let’s get our act together (as we have not done in the past) and defend the world we wish to live in – in peace, freedom, security and justice.