European Society for the History of Political Thought

First Lifetime Achievement Award

University of Heidelberg

13 October 2018

The European Society for the History of Political Thought was founded in the year 2008 by an initiative group of eight historians of political thought from eight European universities. In the decade since its foundation, the ESHPT organized five international conferences, hosted by European universities (European University Institute, University of Athens, Central European University, University of Barcelona, University of Heidelberg) and published three books of proceedings from these conferences at recognized European publishing houses, while a fourth volume is in press.

Recently, 11-13 October 2018, the ESHPT held its fifth international conference at the University of Heidelberg on the subject “Crisis and renewal in the history of political thought”. The closing keynote lecture of the conference was given by Professor emeritus of the University of Athens Paschalis M. Kitromilides, who spoke on the theme “Crisis as a motivation for political reflection”. Professor Paschalis Kitromilides had served as the President of the Society’s founding board and editor of its first two books. On the occasion of the Society’s tenth anniversary, the President of the Board Professor Laszlo Kontler of Central European University awarded on 13 October 2018 to Professor Kitromilides, on behalf of the membership and the Executive Committee, the Society’s first “Lifetime Achievement Award” “in recognition of the outstanding significance of his contributions to the field and to the building of our Society”.