The 31st European Congress of Pathology (ECP) opened its doors on 7 September 2019 at the Acropolis Convention Centre, Nice, France co-organised by Prof. Dina Tiniakos, Head, Department of Pathology, Aretaieion Hospital, Medical School, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and President of the European Society of Pathology (2017-2019). Until 11 September 2019, 4000 pathologists, among them 93 from Greece, molecular biologists, geneticists, histotechnologists, bioinformaticians, information technologists and other collaborating scientists from 92 countries will be updated on all aspects of pathology, a medical discipline that offers diagnostic, prognostic and predictive information essential for best patient care. The ECP includes more than 100 scientific symposia, courses and slide seminars, a two-day symposium of Molecular Diagnostics for molecular biologists, a one-day symposium of Computational Pathology and Artificial Intelligence and is the top scientific event in the field of pathology in Europe and internationally.