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The Directorate of Public Relations and History supports the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens’ dynamic educational, intellectual and service missions by providing timely and useful information to all its internal and external stakeholders and audiences thus, helping the University and its leadership anticipate and manage cultural and educational issues and advocate public policies that advance the University's strategic goals and profile. The Directorate of Public & International Relations and History works closely with the administration, Schools and Departments across the University to coordinate the University’s identity, brand, messages and reputation. 

The Directorate of Public-International Relations and History consists of the following Departments:

  1. Public Relations, Etiquette and Cultural Events Department

In accordance with the University’s mission, the Department of Public Relations, Etiquette and Cultural Events organize public relations programs in the framework of University’s policy for extroversion.  It is the University’s hub for communications, government and local community relations, promoting the public and international activities of the academic community, its scientific, cultural and social activity and organizing the official University ceremonies, scientific and cultural events covering a wide range of activities carried out by academic staff, researchers and students. Such events include, among others, awards of Excellence and Prizes to distinguished scientists and students, Honoris causa doctorate awards, jubilees and anniversaries, social, cultural and other events and celebrations, international conferences, seminars, lectures of academic interest. In addition, the Department is the main contact point for the internal communication between its members, as well as the dissemination of relevant information inside and outside the university community.


Contact: Panepistimiou St. 30, 10679 Athens

Tel: 210 3689734, 210 3689698



2. European and International Relations Department

The Department of European and International Relations aims at the University’s active participation in the formation of current developments of the European and international education and culture. It supports cooperation agreements with Foreign Institutions of Higher Education, participating in international university organizations, associations and networks, through the active involvement in the ERASMUS+ Program, the European Civic University - CIVIS etc.. As internationalization is one of our University’s strategic plan for the next years, the Department actively promotes worldwide networking at an institutional level in collaboration with its International Relations Committee.

Contact: Panepistimiou St. 30, 10679 Athens

Tel: 210 3689713, 210 3689714

E-mail: international-relations[at]uoa[dot]gr,


3. Museum and Historical Archives Department

The Museum and Historical Archives Department consists of:

  • the Athens University History Museum (founded in 1987), and
  • the University Historical Archive (founded in 1991)

A.  The Athens University History Museum is one of the few Museums dedicated to the history of a higher education institution internationally, and one of the rare examples where the Museum building is directly associated with the collections on display. Its principal aims are the collection, preservation, study, conservation and presentation of the University’s heirlooms. The Museum’s permanent exhibition is deployed over the first and second floors of the building and present the first Greek academic editions of books -works by the University's Professors, old and rare editions-  for Law, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, History, Philosophy, Archaeology and Linguistics, works of the Greek Enlightenment, manuscripts, diplomas and academic yearbooks, as well as scientific instruments (for Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacology), portraits, photographs, medals, seals and University memorabilia. Considering the contribution that the University of Athens has made to the development of the scientific, academic, cultural and political life of Greece, particularly in the 19th century, it may be appreciated that in many respects this museum illustrates much more than just the history of the University; it also constitutes an important guide to modern Greek history in general. Additionally, the varied nature of the Museum’s collections makes the visit to the Museum a magical adventure in the world of science, art and history.

Contact:  Tholou St. 5, 105 56 Athens

Tel: 210 3689510, 210 3689502




B. The Athens University Historical Archive -a research and administrative center  which includes more than 2.000.000 items- has collected and classified the archival holdings of the University. This material constitutes a broad research infrastructure for the study of the history of the University of Athens, but also of Greek and European history in general. The collections of the Archive (around 1,600,000 pages) consist of: a) the archives kept by the secretariats of the Faculties and the archives kept by administrative centres (Senate, Protocol, Public Relations, Archive of the Directorate of the Faculties), b) Personal Archives of the professors of the University of Athens, c) Photographic, audio and cinematographic material from cultural events organized by the University, d) Collection of portraits of University professors. (Moreover it contains archives from institutions founded by the university (hospitals, church etc.). The Historical Archive aims to gather every record and testimony of the student movement and its activities, as well as the activities of the Teachers' Union. It has focused on the digitization and electronic management of its massive archival material (nearly 500,000 items), aiming to preserve information from the old paper archives, in order to provide historical research with the advantages of technology, regarding classification of documents, accessing and processing information.

Contact:  Skoufa St. 45, 10672 Athens

Tel: 210 3689522, 210 3689529