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The Directorate of Administrative Affairs deals with all issues regarding the official status of professors (all ranks), research associates, other teaching, laboratory, technical and administrative  staff, their pension issues, as well as  administrative  and   human resources management issues. In addition, the Directorate is responsible for the election of the single-member management bodies of the University, supports the operation of the academic structures, as well as the operation of the building facilities and the central protocol service of the University.

The Directorate of Administrative Affairs consists of the following Departments:

  • Department of  Teaching Staff Department
  • Administrative, Laboratory and Technical Staff Department
  • Administrative Affairs Department
  • Register Department


Contact:  Christou Lada 6, 10561 Athens

Tel: 210-368 9138

       210-368 9147, 48

       210-368 9159

       210-368 9769