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07-02-2017 The "2016 Clinical Research Site Award" to the Hematology-Oncology Unit

for "continued commitment to helping develop the medicines people need"

06-02-2017 Validation of devices for non-invasive measurement of central blood pressure: (copy 1)

First international standardized protocols and criteria published in the European Heart Journal

31-01-2017 Master Degree in Southeast European Studies, taught in English (2017-2018)

Applications must be submitted until June 16, 2017

20-10-2016 Master in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

Applications are accepted between January 9th and May 31st 2017.

24-03-2016 Cultural Heritage Management: Archaeology, architecture & urban planning

Summer School in Athens, Marathon and Kea (Cyclades, Aegean Sea), 6–24 June 2016

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