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Collaboration of 12 State Agencies on the Environment

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens participates in the "Collaboration of the 12 on the Environment"

The "COLLABORATION of 12 STATE AGENCIES on the ENVIRONMENT" was founded following an initiative by the Unified Athens and Piraeus Prefectures. Its goals are:

  • to conserve the greenbelt areas within the Attica Basin
  • to protect the shoreline and give all citizens free access to the beachfront
  • to assist in raising awareness among citizens and in activating them on environmental issues.

In order to accomplish the goals delineated above, Chairmen and/or Rectors of those 12 significant, social and scientific agencies co-signed a Memorandum of Collaboration during a celebratory ceremony held at the "K. Palamas" University of Athens Cultural Center, in July 2008.

The "COLLABORATION of 12 on the ENVIRONMENT" was placed under the auspices of Mr Karolos Papoulias, President of Greece, during a meeting that took place at the Presidential Mansion between the President and representatives of the twelve state agencies participating in the "COLLABORATION of 12 on the ENVIRONMENT".


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