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International Workshop “Islet Transplantation without Borders”

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, at the Hotel “King George Palace”, at Syntagma square


Dear Colleagues,

It is with great honor and pleasure that we invite you to the International Workshop

“Islet transplantation without Borders”

Enabling islet transplantation in Greece with international collaboration and innovative technology

organized by the 2nd Propedeutic Department of Surgery of the University of Athens, the Institute of Cell Transplantation of the University Hospital of Tucson-Arizona and the Cell Transplantation Center, Department of Surgery, of the University of Geneva.

The Workshop will take place on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, at the Hotel “King George Palace”, at Syntagma square. The Opening Ceremony will start at 10:00 am.

The participation of 10 foreign speakers among the most distinguished internationally in the field of pancreas and islet transplantation, guarantee the highest level of scientific information for the latest evolutions in clinical islet transplantation, through international collaborations and innovative technology.

The Organizers of the Workshop aim also to keep informed the Medical community and the Government for the international collaboration of ATHENS-GENEVA-ARIZONA, that will enable to start clinical islet transplantations in diabetic type-I patients, in Greece.

We hope to have your active participation, aiming for the best possible scientific information and knowledge to islet transplantation field and the exchange of opinions, which would contribute to the materialization of our clinical transplantation undertaking.

With kind regards

The Organizing Committee


Theodore Karatzas            Klearchos Papas              Thierry Burney

Assoc. Professor of Surgery    Professor of Surgery,Scientific    Professor of Surgery

University of Athens        Director, University of Arizona    University of Geneva


International Workshop Program